Hello, World (CNC toaster / 2D thermal printer)
Starting Saturday, 15 January (that’s now in some places) we will begin posting on #AltDevBlogADay. Learn more about what we’re doing on the #readme (for Readers) and the #readme (for Writers) pages.
We have a great lineup of seasoned developers, indie up-and-comers and even some non-gamedev folk just to throw you off the scent.
  • Read more about us in our #AltDev discussion group Introduction Thread.
  • You can also see the upcoming schedule of posters and learn a little more about the process in the group’s Getting Started Thread.
I hope you enjoy the upcoming work. I know we’re all looking forward to getting to share more with you! (That’s the entire purpose of this group, of course! We all wanted to share more, but needed a little shove from our peers to take the time to get stuff out the door.)
If you have any suggestions for posts you’d like to see, please share! Part of the difficulty with posting more regularly is knowing that there are people out there who are interested in your take on the topic. So if we know you want to hear about it, it’ll encourage us to write about it!
See you tomorrow. (That’s my day!)
PS: Haters, go away. We guarantee nothing. kthxbai.