We’ve reached the end of the first week here at #AltDevBlogADay. It’s been really exciting to see such a great group of developers get together and share their experiences, ideas and feelings about the process. We’ve had a few bumps along the way (we’re still working out the site theme, hosting, RSS feed, and messaging issues) but overall it’s been a really fantastic experience so far!
We have eight days left in our first cycle (15 days, then we wrap back around.) I simply can’t wait to see what everyone else has up their sleeves to share.
Remember, if you’re interested in participating with us – hit me up on twitter (@mike_acton) or shoot me an email (macton@gmail.com) – We welcome devs from all walks of life. So far, we have programmers, artists, animators, designers, bizdev and audio peeps queued up to share (big studio, small indie shops and everything in between.) So definitely don’t be afraid to join us! If you have an interest in posting more regularly and you want a group of friendly (virtual) faces to help you do that, we’re here to help.
If you missed any of the posts this week, here’s a round-up of links to all the awesome posts we’ve seen so far (hopefully not missing any!):
And of course, everyone loves reading the comments – so please, join in on the conversation! Either here, or on Twitter.