Time again for another audio post. Last time I teamed up with Matt Yaney on his day, so today he has joined me for mine.

This time we take a look at two articles that we had both read recently and discussed some of our thoughts on them. And by that I mean that we largely ignore them and talk about what we want anyway. :)

Note: Sorry about the audio quality. Matt’s a little blown out in these recordings. We tried something different to make up for last time and we way over-compensated. Next time it’ll be perfect. Either that, or we’ll find a new and even more interesting way to screw it up. ;)

Article #1: Anti-Social Games Defined [gameproducer.net]

(Mike and Matt) Anti-Social Games

Article #2: FarmVille 2? Why Zynga needs to start making sequels, fast [venturebeat.com]

(Mike and Matt) Zynga Sequels

Thanks again for listening!


PS: I know that some of you prefer the written posts. And there have been some requests for transcriptions so you can skim these faster. Which I’d be happy to provide if someone wanted to volunteer to write them up for us :) But really, for us these audio posts give the opportunity to speak our minds in a more natural way without the much more self-critical editing of the written word. Of course, we’re not abandoning our written posts – it’s just been fun to do these as well! And if you really don’t like it, I’ll refer you back to the image on the very first post on this blog: