Mastering the compulsion loop

Matt Yaney 6:01 am on March 29, 2011 Counting comments...

Last year I was speaking with a potential publisher of one of my company’s projects when they asked me if my group was familiar with the Compulsion Loop. You know, the Compulsion Loop talked about by Zynga and a stated big part of their secret sauce to success. I let them know we were very comfortable with the compulsion loop and would do it justice. They were surprised and reassured with our confidence on such new methods.

A few days later I was looking at an RFP we were considering responding to when I saw the compulsion loop talked about again. Since then, it has shown up in a variety of media postings and grabbed a considerable amount of attention.

The amazing thing about the compulsion loop is that it isn’t new. The theory was presented to the scientific community in 1957, a year before Tennis for Two was played on the oscilloscope. The theory is commonly known as mastering the compulsion loop