In the scrum process, the sprint planning meeting .

For the team, it defines a clear goal : Each defined task should integrate with the others to accomplish the sprint objectives. Moreover, the work should be in showable state : if the AI take decision, it should be visible on the screen.

At Fishing Cactus, we decided to extend the meeting to the entire company. As of today, 20 persons are working in the studio, so it’s not a huge meeting. The studio is developing at least 3 projects at a time. Exposing all projects to all employees has several advantages :

- Everybody knows who works on what
- Everybody can see the advance of a project
- Each employee has the chance to explain its work and receive comments.
- The entire company is concerned about each project.

Finally, showing your work to others is always thrilling. It adds some extra motivation and focus on short-term quality.