My First Two Weeks at a Startup

Disclaimer:Sorry for the short post. As you can tell by the title, I have picked up a new job and it’s currently taking up a lot of my time. Will post a more technical article next time!

Recently, I had picked up a new contract doing some iPhone work for a well known startupĀ in my city. I was originally hesitant about taking the job due to it not being a job in game development but after spending a day or two thinking it over, I decided to accept the offer. It has turned out to be a great decision. Working at a small startup has taught me a lot about what “work” should really be and it has thus significantly affected my own game dev projects.


Startup Mentality

local hackathon and came out with some great experiences,ideas and just had a bunch of fun overall. On the gamedev side, do any of the big studios hosting any internal gamejams? I recently watched It seems like a perfect way for a studio to experiment with new game concepts or even come up with some DLC for an existing game. As long as creative ownership is ironed out beforehand, I am sure that this would be a great idea.


It’s all about enriching the culture

The point of all this is that these ideas,activities do more than just create happier developers. It also helps foster a company culture that values creativity among all of its developers and that is the most important/valuable asset of a studio/business. Good studio culture attracts good developers which makes for great games.