(1): an act, way, or manner of proceeding :maneuver <that was a play to get your fingerprints — Erle Stanley Gardner>
a (2):venture
(4): scope or opportunity for action

(5): the manner of playing in a contest
a (6): the set of rules governing a game
a (7): a particular aspect or phase of play in a game or sport <a football team’s kicking game>
(2): any activity undertaken or regarded as a contest involving rivalry, strategy, or struggle <the dating game> <the game of politics>; also: the course or period of such an activity <got into aviation early in the game>
c (3): area of expertise :specialty 3 <comedy is not my game>


Play  The  Game

The Game:
Is not what it looks like.
Is not what you want it to be.
Is not what you imagine.


The Game is defined by rules. Simple rules. Logic.

Maybe not logic. Or simple.


There are rules.


The Game changes. The rules change.
In context.
In time.


The rules apply. Whether you know them or not.


Rules are defined by other rules.

You don’t know the rules. They are not written down. No one knows all the rules.


In freedom, ignorance, carelessness, naivety:

There are still rules.


You don’t need to know the rules to play the game.
You will play the game. You won’t know the rules.


The shape of the rules will be revealed. How to Play The Game will become clearer.

Knowing the rules can help.

Knowing the rules can make things harder.

Knowing the rules can spoil the fun.


The Game may end.


Play The Game. Use the rules.




New rules.


Play The Game.

You can win if you Play not what you think is The Game.


The Game.

Play it.


Story. Setting.

Are not the rules.

Do not make the rules.


Play The Game.
Even when it makes no sense.