Pocket Bogart

I haven’t got a huge post for you today folks, was considering something a bit more drastic but decided to go with a more personal story.

Me and my friends João Costa and Phil Lopes, which also write for AltDevBlogADay, we’re all finishing our Masters Degree in Computer Science.

I’ve had to halt progress on my thesis to focus on jobs I had to take and now I’ve fallen a little bit behind. I worked for 3 different companies during all of my Masters Degree and right now I’m in a position I haven’t been in a while: unemployed.

Due to a number of complications, I can’t be in this situation for long. Either I manage to find a job in the games industry, @WhiteRockGames. By the way, our site is still in the works, don’t go in expecting a magical land of opportunity just yet.

Our first title will be Pocket Bogart, an iPhone adventure game, based on a three year old demo I developed with Phil Lopes for the Nintendo DS.

Here’s how Pocket Bogart looks on my NDS:

What is Pocket Bogart? It’s a Film Noir adventure game for the DS. This game was born out of a lack of decent adventure games for the DS, apart from Hotel Dusk.

It follows the adventures of titular character Richard “Dick” Bogart and his quest for three things: booze, women and peace of mind.

I’ll be working on it while I’m not busting my head finishing my thesis.

Hopefully by my next AltDevBlogADay post I’ll actually discuss some source code with you, more specifically the game’s core and heart, its dialog system.