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Gotcha! But, you’re still reading, so what does that say about YOU? ;)

I write 2 types of posts here on AltDevBlogADay, one that is more developer-oriented and one that is not. Each type of post is gaming-related, however. This post falls into the latter type.

I couldn’t find the online article(s) from awhile back (maybe a couple of years or so?) where whatever site had famous or more well-known game developers post photos of where they game. If you know of the article(s) I’m talking about, please link me in the comments. One of our readers found it, Work and Play: A Peek Inside the Lives of Gaming’s Greatest.

In any event, I’m not famous, but I have a pretty baller setup as far as where I game and my gaming “infrastructure”. So, I’m going to show that to you now.

I do most of my gaming in the master bedroom. 42″ HDTV. PlayStation 3. Wii. PlayStation 2. Xbox 360. You’ll notice, or not, the wires run behind a very tidy wall conduit so that the wires aren’t exposed. The Xbox 360 power unit is actually zip-tied underneath the glass platform. As you can tell, I mostly play Xbox 360 games … mostly. I only play PlayStation 3 exclusives if I do buy and play PlayStation 3 games. The Wii never gets used except for when the nieces or nephews come over. The PlayStation 2 is still hooked up so that I can play Ico or Shadow of the Colossus.

The master bedroom remote is also pretty sweet. As you can see from the photo below, the Xbox 360 is hotkey’d in the remote menu. Click on it and it will switch the TV for you to Xbox 360 mode. Similar hotkeys exist for the other gaming systems.

The great room is where I can move a system to if I want a more immersive gaming experience. I own an extra set of video cables and power cords so that I can move a system down here without moving those items from the master bedroom. 45″ HDTV. Front speaker under-mounted on the TV with a custom bracket. Sub-woofer (hidden). Rear speakers (not pictured) mounted in the upper walls to the left and right of the oversized 2-person chair I was sitting in when taking the photo. This is where I played both Dead Space and Dead Space 2, only after dark, and only with the lights completely off. Frightened much? This is also where we had an epic Gears of War 2 Horde session with folks from work, when at 5 AM our CFO at the time said, “Guys, I need to go. My son is going to get up in an hour.”

The great room remote also has functions to switch the system into game mode.

Now that I’ve showed you mine, so to speak … it’s your turn ;)


Did I actually expose myself? No.

Did I actually expose where I game? Yes.

Leave a comment and link to a photo of where you game. If I get enough photos or interest, I’ll use my next non-developer AltDevBlogADay post to expose you, so to speak, on the Internet. Please keep it clean. This blog is rated E for Everyone!

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