This is a quick post to pose a question: Why do we have so few women posting on #AltDevBlogADay?

We have smart, successful women on here now. I would consider them good examples. I don’t want to call anyone out specifically because of their sex parts, but it’s hard not to notice that out of 184 authors, we have something like 6 women posting.

It’s easy to say that #gamedev is a male-dominated industry (so don’t bother, we know.) And while the numbers industry-wide might be lopsided (especially on the programming side, unfortunately), it sure seems that the actual industry ratio is higher. Surely, there is something else going on. I haven’t done a survey or anything, but I wonder if the ratio of men to women #gamedevs blogging is this high.

Ideally, we would beat the industry ratio here. As it is part of the intention of this site to give voice to #gamedevs (and our friends in related work), it would stand to reason that we’d be able to provide a platform for those whose voices are often drowned out.

Anyone have any ideas? Anyone know any other women #gamedevs that might want to post with us?


PS: I don’t know if lists like this are good or not, but here you go anyway. FragDolls’ GAME INDUSTRY WOMEN TO KNOW: 2010