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After moving into a new apartment just last week, I still have a mountain of unpacked boxes surrounding me, so I'm taking this opportunity to attempt writing my first not-so-programming-related post.  If this sounds like a bad excuse... well, be assured it is!  :)

David Czarnecki'http://altdev.co/2011/07/15/what-makes-you-tick-2/" target="_blank">What Makes You “Tick” #2? -- rather piqued my interest, and so I figured I'd write about what kind of music makes me "tick".  Pretty much since my high school days back in the early '90s, I've preferred listening to music from video games from that era, as well as music from the demoscene.

I was amazed at how much my 286 PC's audio changed when I got my first add-in sound card: a Sound Blaster Pro.  I thought it was the coolest thing out there, and all of the PC games at that time sounded incredible with the OPL-2/3 FM synthesis and digital sound.  I also got a Gravis UltraSound when it started becoming the popular sound card for PC demos.  All throughout my teenage years, I've really never been much of a fan of any kind of mainstream music (although there is definitely some good stuff out there, of course!), and have just continued to listen to the music from the games and demos I love from the past.  I also have a huge collection of Amiga .mod files, started back from as early as 1991, which I occasionally dust off (digitially-speaking) and listen to.

To get my video game and demo music craving nowadays though, I tune in to various radio stations broadcasting live on the Internet.  Each of these radio stations focus on different areas of game music or the demoscene, and so I change stations as my listening tastes vary.  So without further ado, I'd like to introduce the six radio stations in my playlist...


) is run by Ziphoid of Brainstorm.  SceneSat specializes in quality music from the demoscene, with a large number of remixes of older music.

SceneSat is unique from other net radio stations in that Ziphoid himself is the radio personality behind the station, doing live shows with various guests, and most importantly: providing a live audio feed at many European demo parties.

All of SceneSat's live broadcasts are recorded, and can be played back anytime using their unique reLive web interface.


) is run by Slaygon, and focuses on remixes and remakes of Commodore 64/SID game music.

There are also live shows with guest DJs at various times during the week as well.





Demovibes platform as CVGM (which FishGuy876 assists in developing), and songs can also be requested and queued if you register for a free account.