I’ve recently caught myself randomly beaming about friendship on several occasions. I’m extremely fortunate to have friends who are willing to offer me feedback and encouragement, and it always feels profoundly rewarding to offer the same in return! That’s the thing about a good friendship: it’s never a one-way street.

Today I’d like to explore the benefits of healthy professional friendships, in hope of encouraging more of them. Friendship is social, and being pleasantly social is critical to working in collaborative environments. The more you positively exercise your social skills, the better off you’ll be!

Friends Are Fun

I don’t make myself laugh nearly as much as my friends do. Having pals means you can share your interests and enjoy both work and play more than you would alone. Friendship is a great time!

Give and Receive Feedback

As previously mentioned, your peer-friends (friends who share the same craft) can be excellent sources of feedback. The process of feedback and revision has always been a critical part of development, and good friends in your field often realize that the best criticism is thoughtful and honest. Always give clear, constructive feedback and you’ll be more likely to receive the same in return.

New Views

Everyone exists in their own particular walk of life and it’s amazing what you can learn from people who are involved in different professions, come from different backgrounds, or otherwise have different perspectives than your own. Keep an open mind and absorb all the knowledge you can from your friends! It’s good for you!

Community Connections

Friendship is the backbone of any good community, game development included. It’s great going to conferences because you know you’ll see all sorts of people you know there. Plus, everyone knows everyone, so the more friends you have, the more likely you are to be introduced to new friends! In turn, you can also help encourage connections among the people you know, creating bridges that fulfill mutual needs. It’s great when everybody wins!


In closing, I would like to emphasize one last time that good friendships are reciprocal. If you’d like your friends to help you with things like feedback, you must be willing to offer the same in return! Now go forth, make plenty of great friends, and stay connected!