What’s On Your Shelf?

I have a friend who joked that she would fire anybody who showed up at work on their first day and set up all their action figures! I thought that was pretty funny until I worked with a guy who spent most of his first couple of days putting up wall shelves and lining up regiments of Star Wars Micro Machines. He was a nice guy, but made a terrible first impression. At work, I have a pretty sparse collection of action figures: some Hokuto No Ken gachapons that my friend in Japan got me, a Dragon Quest Slime Soda that my ex-cubemate brought back from the Tokyo Game Show, and a few Mario figures that encourage me to always remember my roots as a game player as well as a designer. I also have a small shelf next to my desk which has an assortment of books, DVD’s, and games which I frequently use for reference and inspiration. When I walk around the office to talk to other coworkers, I always take a quick look at what they have on their shelf. One of the most fascinating shelves is an animator at the end of my row who has pretty much nothing except for CostCo sized boxes of Sweet & Low and Saltines. Maybe this is some delicacy I’m not aware of yet!


I decided to go around work and my Outlook Inbox to see what other people have on their shelves and why! I’ll start with myself. I have the three Lord of the Rings special extended version DVD box sets. I frequently listen to the various commentary tracks because they’re a wealth of information on how the creative process can effectively work within the realities of the production process on a large scale. I also have the Metal Gear Solid VR Missions guide because it has wonderful maps of just about every combat setup you can possibly imagine.


What’s on your shelf?