Why do we make games? For the love of the game that’s Why!

Why do people play games and for an even better question why do game developers sit in front of a computer for hours on end to make these games.
 Even though for most game makers it is considered a  job I would hope and think
Gamer Mouse

Just playing for a piece of Cheese!

the reason they got into it was for the love of the game.  For the hobbyist game developer there might be a different  driving force and as of right now that is the category I would consider myself one of the hobbyists until I receive my first big check for creating a game.  Though even if I never get paid to do this I plan to continue doing it long into my golden years.

Why do you make games?

Is it for the glory, personal satisfaction of it, the money (when there is some), the groupies(*chuckles)?  I personally got interested in making games for the pure challenge of it.  Coding, texturing, sound designing for games to me is like a puzzle.  How do I put the pieces together to create the bigger picture.  Sometimes those pieces might not work and you find out you have the wrong puzzle piece.  Building your coding skills is like leveling up in a game.  Finding a new piece of software or new site that has some great asset to use to help in your next project is like getting some great loot in a MMO.  Completing and publishing your first game is like conquering the final boss battle and winning the final prize.

Gaming Puzzle

Future of Gaming:

How will we play games in five, ten , twenty years.  How will we make games? Will there be the Sci-Fi chips in our heads where we jump into a Virtual Reality scenario and become the players.  Interactivity in games with the advent of the Wii and the Xbox Kinect are trying to get players up off the couches and chairs and into the games.  But, can all games be played this way and do you want to have your games played this way.  I personally do not,  though, I think there is a definite market and place for games like this.  I just would rather not play a FPS and have to run around pretending I’m toting a gun.  There’s a place for all types of games and all types of gamers whether it be for educational purposes, training, pure enjoyment or pure profit there’s a game out there for everyone.

Faster Game Processing

Side Notes:

About Me.. (more Ramblings)
I’m currently a returning college student working on a future game development career.  So maybe my viewpoints are very skewed and optimistic since I haven’t yet been tainted by an industry background.  But I come from a very similar entertainment field from working in the music industry for over ten years I can relate and take some of the lessons I learned there and apply them in my future endeavours.  For the same reasons I’m pursuing this career is why I got into music business.  Had I known it should have been named “business music” I would have thought twice about going down that road, but the love for the craft and the process behind it kept me going and eventually having a successful career.  I think with anything you love it can be spoiled if you let it be and I plan to learn from my mistakes in the past.