Over the past few months we’ve been working really hard to put together a great Education track for the AltDevConf. We’re now ready to start introducing some of the excellent speakers we have managed to line up and describe what exactly you can expect from the track as a whole.

The first speaker we want to tell you about should need very little introduction. Ian Schreiber is active in so many aspects of game design that there’s no way that this paragraph can do him justice. One of the co-founders of the Global Game Jam, an active participant and organiser in many IGDA events and sub-groups and a very active lecturer in game design, we are delighted to be able to announce that Ian will be one of the speakers in the Education track. Here’s an overview of the session, in his own words :

We teach our students how to design good games; shouldn’t we make more of an effort to practice what we preach in the classroom? Games are providing assessment and feedback to players constantly, and in an entertaining way. When we provide assessment and feedback to our students, we can and should do better than a multiple-choice ScanTron.

In this session, Ian will present a selection of assignments and rubrics cobbled together from his own and other professors’ classes, along with discussion of how their form was influenced by core principles and best practices of game design.

Ian is just one of the speakers we’ll be introducing you to as we run up to the conference. You can read more about the conference as a whole at http://altdevconf.com and remember to keep your diaries free February 11th/12th to come join us!