In my previous “What Makes You ‘Tick’” posts, I’ve written about “thinking” at the keyboard and my audio OCD, but what about playing video games? Do I have any quirks when playing video games? You bet I do!

I’m just going to cut to the chase here and present my “notes” when playing BioShock. You can find the original at its Flickr photo page.

“I took meticulous (bordering on insanity) notes during BioShock. This is the final sheet and I got to the point where each save was described by a set of acronyms as to what transpired since the last save.

GMS = Got more stuff
HS = Hacked safe
DBD! = Defeated Big Daddy
HVM = Hacked vending machine
KS = Killed splicers (when I was in an area where I had killed quite a few)
GG = Gatherer’s Garden
BHVM = Before hacking vending machine (I was low on auto hack tools)
BMS = Bought more stuff
HT = Hacked turret”

There were 7 other pages (front and back) of save game notes like above. I’ll be in Gamers Anonymous meetings for awhile ;)

Do you have any quirks when playing video games? What makes YOU “tick”? You can find more hilarity over on my Twitter account, @CzarneckiD.