I’m pleased to announce the #AltDevSummit on Mar 7 in San Francisco.
Location: Sir Francis Drake Hotel (450 Powell Street)
RSVP: macton@gmail.com (But drop-ins are welcome, if there is space available.)

I know that there’s a group of gamedevs, researchers and students who will be in San Francisco during the GDC timeframe but for one reason or another (including financial) aren’t able to attend the conference. #AltDevBlogADay will be hosting a free summit on Wednesday to give you another chance to meet other gamedevs and generally have some good discussion and a good time.

We’ll have a rough structure throughout the day, but I imagine that we will make ad hoc adjustments depending on the group and what would be the most interesting or fun for all of us.

10AM – 12AM Portfolio/resume review, discussion and workshop
1PM – 3PM Game prototyping jam, discussion and workshop
3PM – 5PM Open group. We’ll continue portfolio reviews and game prototyping workshops as well as other mini-presentations in small groups.
5PM – 6PM Closing. Discussion of day, future of games, other take-away topics.

I would also like to thank Game Connection for sponsoring #AltDevSummit!