Dejobaan Will Loan You $100 to Submit to Steam Greenlight

benkuchera I WILL LOAN A BUDDING INDIE DEVELOPER THE $100 TO SUBMIT TO GREENLIGHT if they are wonderful people with a wonderful idea.

— Dejobaan Games (@dejobaan) September 5, 2012

I’m not offering a loan, just a gift. I’m just happy to give back in some small way to a fellow #gamedev that both really deserves it and really needs it. I’m not rich, but I can do that.

To help make things simpler, if you would also like to just gift $100 to a #gamedev in need feel free to use the button below and I will find someone that needs it. You’ll have to trust my judgment though!

If you are an indie gamedev and this is for you, you can email me (Subject: “My Greenlight” so I can filter) and use the same guidelines as @dejobaan’s post