The AltDev Student Summit is a chance for students, regardless of location, to engage with veteran game developers from some of the best companies around the world and learn first-hand what being a part of our industry is really like. It will take place November 10th and 11th, and is all held online, through Google’s Hangouts On Air system.

As part of this exciting event, we are offering you the chance to present your current project to a panel of industry experts and receive feedback live during the conference.

We are looking for projects being undertaken by students or teams of students. People have asked how we’re defining students, so what we’re going with is that we’re opening this up to any person registered as a full-time undergraduate, graduate or doctoral (or equivalent) student. Projects should be sufficiently developed that they can be demonstrated in some fashion – this is not intended for concepts, but for in-progress projects.

The format will be similar to the “Dragon’s Den” show, so you will have the opportunity to describe your project and team and make your “pitch” to the panel. They will then ask questions to learn more about specific aspects of your project and give you some advice on how you can improve. After they have heard all the pitches, the panel will each have the opportunity to “invest” an imaginary $10,000 in any of the projects they’ve seen, and will be asked to justify their choices.

This is an excellent opportunity for you as students to get your current project in front of a lot of spectators and to make an impression on people already within the industry. Similar events have seen these fictious offers of funding quickly turn into real business opportunities for the participants, but even if it doesn’t, it’s an excellent chance to practice pitching your projects.

The deadline for submission is the 13th of October. We hope you will consider applying to be a part of this!

For members of industry, we are still recruiting for judges for this event – please fill in this form!