Our range of speakers runs the gamut from indie right through to AAA, and today’s highlight is drawn from the AAA end of the spectrum – Bobby Anguelov of IO Interactive will be speaking about “AAA Game Programming, A Day in the Life…”

So how do you get NPCs to behave the way they do? How do we go from a set of raw animations to having a character running around in the game. AI programmers are focussed on building the behavior and animation systems for NPC. This short talk will discuss the various domains that this job title covers as well as discuss some of the responsibilities and realities of working in the AAA industry.

Here’s a bit more about Bobby.

Bobby is an AI programmer at Io Interactive having worked on Hitman: Absolution, prior to this he spent some time working as a software consultant in various industrial and commercial fields. There was also a dark period in his life where he taught graphics programming at a university…

Bobby and all the other speakers are working hard on their sessions right now. You can learn more at the conference mini-site, and we really hope that you will join us November 10th and 11th to learn more from these excellent speakers.