Today’s Speaker Highlight is Tim Stobo of Kennedy Miller Mitchell Interactive Productions. Tim’s session is called “I Can’t Believe I Do This For A Living: The Generalist Game Designer”.

Development at KMMIP is built around the concept of game designers as ‘vision holders’. They work across disciplines within the team and act as evangelists for the game. All designers are generalists, tasked with level and systems design and individually responsible for multiple hours of game content.

In his first job working as a designer on L.A. Noire, Tim’s responsibilities grew throughout the development process. The different decisions and skills required on any single day gave Tim a unique insight into AAA development and the many aspects that make up the craft of game design. In this talk, Tim looks at a day in the life of a generalist game designer, without a technical background, working in the AAA space.

If you would like more information about Tim, here is his bio:

Tim is a game designer with five years professional experience. After studying screenwriting at the University of Technology, Sydney he went on to work for Team Bondi, helping design levels and mechanics for the multi-million selling detective action-adventure L.A. Noire. Tim stayed with Team Bondi after its closure and rebirth as KMMIP, where he continues to work on their next ground-breaking title.

The AltDev Student Summit is shaping up to be an absolutely brilliant event. You can read more about it at the conference mini-site, and we really hope that you will join us November 10th and 11th to listen to these excellent speakers.